Benefits of Wearing a Satin Bonnet

Shadiamond Howze on 26th Oct 2021

Fruit Print Satin-Lined Bonnet

Over the years, satin bonnets have become very popular for babies/children. And, there is a great reason why. I think my personal favorites are the Mommy and Me sets. 

Satin bonnets provide great benefits for hair and are super stylish. 

Here are a few:

  • They prevent your hair from losing moisture. 
  • They prevent/reduce friction while you sleep which prevent split ends. 
  • They can preserve your style longer. 

For new moms, satin bonnets are often purchased to help with infant hair loss. They are great to wear at night with supervision, during the day for play time, or whenever they are laying on their back. 

A few tips to help with infant hair loss:

  • Keep baby's hair moisturized. 
  • Encourage tummy time. 
  • Adjust the way your baby sit and/or sleeps.
  • Accept that sometimes infant hair loss is natural. 

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